Telco Carriage Solutions

At Ampwest we are committed to providing cost effective telco carriage solutions and superior quality ICT business solutions to address your business’ requirements.  Ampwest’s Telco Carriage Data & Telecommunications Services consist of the following:

Data Networks Services:

  • ADLS 2+ / HDSL High Speed Broadband Services
  • Dedicated Transmission Data Links
  • All Telstra Wholesale Products and Services including Satellite Links and Services
  • Wireless and Mobile Services including Wi-Fi systems applications

Telecommunications Services

  • VoIP applications Services
  • Fixed land Voice Services (local, Inter-state & International)
  • Wholesale “Eligible” 3G – Mobile Services (minimum eligible quota $200,000 per annum)
  • IP based-Soft PBX-Switching systems support

Network Security

  • Firewall systems applications and integration Services for local Servers and remote desktop security
  • Network Intrusion protection including Web-Filtering, Ad-blocking and Anti-phishing systems
  • Anti-virus. Anti-spam, Spyware, Email Filtering and protection

Other Related Services

  • Systems Auditing / Analysis
  • Installation and Systems Coordination
  • Consulting Management on Virtual Cloud Computing On-line Services